DuO Firecare

DuO Firecare is a high-tech waterproofing membranes for flat roofs that has the same composition as the Duo High tech membrane.

This specific Duo membrane offers extra safety to your building. The membrane is fire-resistant and does not spread fire providing increased fire safety for your investment.

The top side of the membrane is made of a hard UV resistant plastomer TPO-bitumen layer. This makes it very durable and gives it a high melting point that copes with the tropical climate.

An extra strong composite reinforcement of polyester and fiberglass in the middle makes the waterproofing membrane tear – and puncture resistant and shrink-free.

The underside of the membrane is made of elastomer SBS-modified bitumen for excellent adhesion. The seam of the membrane is also made of SBS- modified bitumen providing perfect an SBS to SBS overlap for an optimal watertight result.

The membrane has an extra protection in the form of mechanically pressed natural slates. The slates loss over time is minimal (less than 3%) and that makes the Duo membrane practically maintenance free.