Green solutions

The grass is always greener on the other side, they say.

But now you can have it on the top of your own property. De Boer Green Roof Solutions ensures that your building will always be greener.

De Boer Green Roof Solutions offers waterproofing protection and drainage systems that satisfy your property’s individual needs. Whether you are looking for a sedum roof or a real garden in the sky, we have the perfect solution. The choice is yours!

De Boer’s team of specialists assist the landscape architect during the design of the complete system. That includes the DuO Landscape waterproofing membrane that incorporates a waterproofing membrane and root-barrier in one layer, a lightweight drainage & filter layer and finally the beautiful roof top greenery with local plant species. The entire system is installed by a De Boer Certified Applicator and supervised by our expatriate quality control manager.

At De Boer, a Green roof is not only the plants but takes into account the long-term protection of your structure and investment. De Boer offers a package of waterproofing solutions, drainage system and maintenance guidelines in order to create your dream green space in the sky!

Interested in new ideal way of energy cost saving and adding green sustainable elements to your building?

Do you want to enjoy some green space during the cool season?

Contact us for more details on how our expertise can help you with your green roof.

Six senses Soneva Kiri resort – Koh Kood

Six senses Soneva Kiri resort – Koh Kood