DeboBase Special Basement Waterproofing

Advantages Debobase Special System

  • Granules bond to concrete
  • Fast horizontal application
  • Durable and tough waterproofing membrane
  • No curing time required
  • Resistant to most chemicals found in soil
  • System is not affected by rain after installation
  • Extra wide overlap to resist high hydrostatic pressure
  • Site traffic resistant
  • De Boer engineering support
  • More than 1.000.000 m² installed worldwide.

Composition of the Debobase Special Membrane

debobaseComposition of the membrane

Description Debobase Special System

The system keeps underground structures dampproof and waterproof.
The components and installation method have been adapted to the typical demands of underground construction works such as basement, underground car park and

Use DeboBase Special membranes for the waterproofing under the basement floor slab and DeboFlex membranes for all vertical wall structures.

Lean installationWaterproofing of basement floor slab

Installation detail