About us

DE BOER WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS is a niche player in the waterproofing membrane market since 1922. As a family-owned business from Belgium, we focus on innovative products and long-term client relations.
Our passion is to produce high quality waterproofing systems for a multitude of applications such as flat roofs, podium decks, green roofs, underground waterproofing and infrastructure projects.
When the projects are finished, the building owner receives an insurance back material warranty for 15 years.
Through innovation, we have continuously upgraded our Duo® High Tech waterproofing membrane range.
This state of the art waterproofing membrane combines TPO-modified bitumen with SBS-modified bitumen in one layer. It is a membrane that can be best left exposed, even in tropical climates, due to its special modification and nice aesthetical finish.
Duo® membranes have been installed worldwide since 1989.
The first Duo® membrane was installed in ASEAN in 1994 and in the Philippines since 1999. The Duo® membrane has a proven durability in various climate zones including the tropical climate of the Philippines.
De Boer provides additional engineering support and on-site inspections on your project during and after installation.
For further information about De Boer Asia-Pacific regional office and its representation in the Philippines, please visit our contact page at www.deboer.ph/contact

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